Player Management Tools

High quality online casino software is a must for launching and sustaining a successful online casino operation. But what also is of equal importance is the back office system and also the other components of it like the player management tools. The need for state of the art reporting and management tools arises because of the nature of operation which is 24/7. Player from different time zones log in to the game client playing, depositing and withdrawing money from all over the world. Hence player management tools with the best features have to incorporate into the back office system.

Casino Game and Player Management Tools

Our integrated player management tools allow us to provide all possible reports and management tools that you would need to run your online casino business. Real time reporting is must since the online casino has constant player activity. Here's an example of some online casino software tools that may be used in the administrative, management or reporting roles:

  1. Content Management System for quick dispersal of information through the website.
  2. Online casino game management tools.
  3. Moderation of player profiles.
  4. Affiliate module for monitoring of affiliate activity
  5. Financial data, payment processing information and money flow vis-à-vis players.
  6. Analytical casino software tools to help you with future projections based on summarized data of current trends.

Casino Back Office System

Back office system must have restricted access policy so that different levels of access can be granted to players, affiliates and operators. Our player management tools ensure that administrative and player report access is granted to the right levels. A casino back office system is well integrated with the player management tools. Diverse player reports can be obtained from this module like player profiles, player revenues, player deposits and withdrawals and other important parameters. These reporting tools must be well incorporated within online casino software to make it the complete gaming package.

Custom Casino Player Reports

Player management tools should be able to provide custom player reports at operator, player as well as affiliate level. A lot of intense data driven analysis are required at the operators end. So the most important metric to derive these reports would be player related. These reports complement the marketing efforts of the operator as analysis obtained from the reports would help better the marketing practices of the operator.

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