Online Casino Marketing Services

When you intend to buy casino software, there's more than just having a better looking software or sporting a technological edge over your rivals: clever casino marketing strategies can provide just the right vehicle for your to reach out to the masses thronging to the internet in search of wholesome casino entertainment. If your business is found wanting in terms of the marketing efforts, that would only dull the aforementioned technological edge.

So where do we come in? As part of the product and services package we provide to our clients, we not only help you buy casino software products developed by our technology partners but also marketing services that cover the entire gamut of online marketing activities.

Whether it be SERPS or back links, from pay-per-click ad campaigns to managing your social media footprint, we can put on your online casino business on top of the search engine listings. Marketing for casino is different from your run of the mill marketing requirements. With add-on regulations present on virtually all the online marketing avenues and a highly competitive environment, you need a team of online marketers who know the ins and outs of the business. By choosing our online casino marketing services, you would be ensuring that your investments generate the best revenue out there.

The purpose of online casino marketing services is to drive traffic to your website. Driving traffic is easier said than done. With thousands on online casinos already running and hundreds more launched every month, the competition is intense. There is no dearth of options for players and with some heavy weights giving millions of dollars as prize money, the competition is not among equals.

Cost effective Online Casino Marketing Services

Online casino marketing is also heavy on the wallet. From PPC campaigns to give-away campaigns running on social media sites, online marketing will truly create a dent in your bankroll if allowed to run free. As soon as you buy casino software, you will require more than just deep pockets to get your players. You will need a team that can get you players without you running on an over-draft; our online casino marketing team does just that.

Along with PPC campaigns and give-away campaigns, a key factor to get players is through search engines. SEO is a crucial factor of online marketing and it has to be done right. SEO depends upon understanding the player's and their requirements and implementing that knowledge. Using proven techniques, our online casino marketing team for poker and casino will get you players in the most cost-effective way.

Our Online Casino Marketing Services is a One-stop Shop for Your Marketing Needs

Our online casino marketing team also looks into the content on your website and other avenues such as blogs and Press Releases. Content Management gets your potential players interested in what you offer. If they are not sold, they do not deposit and you do not get any returns. Saying the right thing at the right time, all the time is something that is left best to professionals and we provide that service for your start-up at a small price.

Social Media is where everybody's at. Our online casino marketing team will put you there and what's more, will generate the much required buzz. With smart online social media marketing techniques and strategies, you will be known throughout your target market leaving you to simply sit back and count the profits.

Media Purchase is a necessary requirement for running an online casino. With the correct media-buy, you can reach the world! There are tons of media avenues to choose from and it is a daunting task for any new comer. Our online casino marketing teams will give you the whole package.

Here are some of the services we offer as part of our online casino marketing service:

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization has changed the online marketing industry. If you Google "online casino", you will find over thirty-four million search results. Our SEO team will ensure that you are not lost in crowd. With systematic and proven SEO techniques, your potential players will never have a problem finding your online casino. With SEO you will receive traffic organically, thereby reducing your marketing budget since you will NOT be spending excess money to let people know that you exist!

On-page Optimization

The rule of the game is simple. If you are going to have an online presence, it has to be optimized to ensure that your website comes in SERPS (Search Engine Results Page). On-page Optimization will ensure that your target market "finds" you!

On-page optimization includes:

  • Domain Age Verification (Min 3 years)
  • Broken Link Check
  • Site Navigation
  • Assurance of Static Links
  • Keyword Research
  • Meta tag optimization
  • On-page Content Optimization
  • Header Optimization
  • Keyword Density Balance
  • Anchor Text Link
  • Alternate Tag Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Sitemap Creation
  • W3C Validation
  • Java-script Compression
  • Folder Optimization
  • Server-side Optimization

Off-page Optimization

Of-page optimization is crucial to receive the recognition from search engines that will catapult you to the top pages of Google. Of-page optimization also enhances your online presence to thousands of eyeballs. The potential is enormous and requires a dedicated team of individuals to enhance the ROI.

Some services provided by us for off-page Optimization

  • Directory Submission
  • Article Submission and Promotions
  • One way link building strategies (blogs, forums etc.)
  • Incoming Link with Anchor text rotation
  • Search Engine Indirect feeding for faster crawling


Your online casino blog is a direct link to your players and potential depositors. With the right articles; you will be considered not just as an authority poker room, but you can generate huge amounts of traffic for your online casino. Blogs are well-known online marketing portals to spread the word around. From Blog Networks to sharing it on Web 2.0 it can be a vital weapon in your arsenal.

What can our online casino marketing team provide through blogs?

  • Wordpress Blog integration to the site
  • Optimized Content for Blog
  • Tag & Ping
  • RSS Feed Creation and Submission
  • External Plugin Integration
  • Feedburner & other third party handshake
  • Technorati Integration


Forums are used by online casino players as a means of discussions and debate. Representation on Forums is necessary not just to keep a check on the flow of conversation, but as a potential player acquisition avenue.

What we do in Forums:

  • Accounts in Poker Forums
  • Website, Game Promotion via forums

Press Release

Press Releases are official statements made by you to the world with respect to your online casino. They're a particularly useful tool not only for link-building but also serve as news tools for the latest happenings regarding your online casino.


PPC is also known as Pay-Per-Click. A key lever for the online casino marketing machinery, PPC campaigns require thorough research and understanding of the target market and using best practices to ensure a strong RoI.

PPC Services include:

  • Budget Allocation
  • Keyword Research and Selection
  • Geo-Targeted Market Selection
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Ad Creation / Split Testing
  • Auto Responders
  • Opt-In Lead Follow-up

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is the term given to various sites that facilitate information sharing and social interactions on the same. The World Wide Web is filled with web 2.0 sites which drive immense traffic and have millions of user registrations. Our Online casino marketing team for web 2.0 uses key methods to ensure that your presence is felt in regards to online gaming and works at giving your casino site the maximum exposure that would be beneficial to you and your new online gaming business.

Customized Strategies for:

  • Digg
  • StumbleUpon
  • Reditt
  • Yahoo
  • and 30+ other social bookmarking sites.

Social Networking

Social Networking sites are where people voice their opinions and share their likes. Targeted online casino marketing strategies by our team will get the world talking about you on the various social networking sites present. These social networking websites generate heavy traffic.

For Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Bebo, we promote.

  • Profile Creation
  • Poker Related Profiles - Newsletter, Bulletin and other promotions.
  • Poker related application / games promotions
  • In-house Websites, Blogs, Game promotions

Video Marketing

There is nothing more viral than a video and you-tube has proved that. Our online casino marketing team promotes your online casino by smartly integrating video marketing as part of your online casino marketing campaign. Done smartly, as we do, Video Marketing will generate a substantial number of depositing players to your casino.

Video Marketing requirements, all available with us:

  • Video Production
  • Keyword Verification & Optimization
  • Account Creations & Uploading Videos (30+ video sites)
  • Video Optimization on relevant categories
  • Channel Creation (YouTube)
  • Profile Promotions,
  • Adding Friends, Video Promotions, Video Reply etc.

Viral Marketing

Whether it's a video or a flash game, viral marketing is what gets you "hits". Our online casino marketing team has been doing viral marketing successfully since its inception. Some viral marketing strategies incorporated with Our online casino marketing services for you:

  • Viral Game / Video Creation
  • Seeding through Advertising Blogs,
  • YouTube and other video sites, Game sites,
  • PPC Campaigns and Press Releases.

Media Purchase

Media Purchase lets to more exposure. The correct media purchase is the key to being visible to a host of potential depositors. With the correct media purchase, you will be the talk of the town. Things we handle in Media Purchase as part of Online casino marketing Services

  • Opt-In Leads
  • Purchase of Opt-In Leads

In case you wish to buy casino software, please get in touch with our team and we'd be very happy to schedule a demo for you.